Visit Time The Movie is a 2008  live-action/animatied  film based on the Comic Strip Visit Time


It starts when a big war in arac disturbd the arbic famly of BB Shereen. Quickly they run to the airport and stumble upon a dead man who gives them a key. The visit times dont know whats it for. 16 days later The Visit Times are having a good day but a big green blob smashes into the apaerment it is a monster named Zexba He eats the apartment and They all run to tell Sahar and the famly and Zexba eats their apartment and all run and Pathfinder is distoryed. Then Zexba eats Shereens school and the students got eaten. Shereens begs Sahar to save her friends but Sahar says that she has to wait until They defeat Zexba but He runs to his home. They go on a quest to Zexbas Home 1at To Go To Tadmpole Iceland and then Snowny Hill and dry village where they meat the Dryeins who invaite them for dinner and they slept over their then in the moring they resume the quest and releashed that they are at Zexbas House...The People at pathfinder were all fighting Zexba until BB sees the key.. Then key has the dead man's voice and says (Use the blade) BB Stabs Zexba and he expoled and fell in the Sewer where a sewer monster drinks him.And Patrhfinder was restored and save then Shereens School Has a conserrt and preforms And They all dance


Reviews of the film were generally negative, garnering a 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, carrying the consensus "It respects the comic well but its too long and gets boring once they start the quest." The film grossed $52.6 million worldwide.[3]